Tour de Future Heritage

The tour will start from the conference venue to one of the oldest mosque and most visited by the pilgrims in Surabaya. Masjid Sunan Ampel (Sunan Ampel Mosque) was built by Sunan Ampel, an Islamic holy preacher in 1421. The participants would pass a traditional souvenir market to get to the mosque. Muslims participants could have a moment to pray in the mosque.

Interior of Masjid Sunan Ampel
The tomb of Sunan Ampel

The participants would then be taken to have a traditional dinner in Surabaya, before visiting the house of HOS Tjokroaminoto, also known as Rumah Peneleh. He was one of the nation’s founder and a respected nation guru for many Indonesian freedom fighters and leaders. The first president, Soekarno, was taken under his wings to study religion, politics, culture, public speech, journalism among many others.

Rumah Peneleh, house of HOS Tjokroaminoto
HOS Tjokroaminoto, a role model that becomes the spirit of Yayasan Rumah Peneleh