The 5th INCRECS 2023

The conference was conducted online on 9 September 2023. The speakers were Akke MM de-Jong, Dr. Yogi Simhanath, Prof. Madya Dr Mohd. Shukri Hanapi, and Dr Ari Kamayanti. Dr. Line was not able to attend because of health condition, hence Dr. Ari Kamayanti became a speaker on Paradigma Nusantara.

Akke Mathilde Myrielle De-Jong, QLc.

“Cultural Prejudice and the Effects on Conditioning the Mind: How to Reeducate Ourselves”

Akke is Peneleh international ambassador for the Netherlands. She has had various aspects of educational background gained during the period at GOA (Policy implementation for Primary Educational backward asylum pupils – NT2), the legal knowledge in respect of Public Law gained by previous studies and experience with the Municipality of Delft and Legal Department at the Municipality of Rijswijk, as well as the various aspects of the Dutch Civil Code and Public Law. The added advantage of almost three and a half years with Legal Service at Eurojust, where she concluded her career supporting the Prosecution Office of the Netherlands in fighting cross border crimes, like MH17. Akke is currently the Co-Founder of the Yayasan Kebon Sepatu; a foundation that is actively involved in a broad scope of educational projects.

Dr. Yogi Simhanath

Yogi is Peneleh international ambassador for Nepal. He was active as visiting professors in Kathmandu University, School of Management, Security Studies, Tribhuvan University, Peace and Conflict Studies, Program, Military Command and Staff College, Nepalese Army, US Canada (USC) Nepal, for Social Development Training. Yogi was also the Head of the Department, Strategic Studies, Royal Nepalese Military Academy, Kharipati, Bhaktapur until 2022. He was also previously Lecturer of National Security, Nepalese Military Academy, Kharipati, Bhaktapur, after resigning from Major of the Royal Nepalese Army in 1998.

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