International Research Collaboration (Indonesia-India)

We are inviting researchers to join Indonesia-India research collaboration on racism, religious conflict, and peace. The current events all around the world, either accelerated by mass media or social media, are showing the harsh “facts” on racism or religious conflicts. How are these phenomena perceived by the youths?

Peneleh Research Institute Indonesia and SMS Varanasi India are cooperating to conduct a research collaboration with the aims to map youths perceptions and how they see racism, religious conflicts and peace.

The participants would be trained with two methodological approaches: quantitative and qualitative, before they collect and analyze data. The training will commence in April-Mei 2020, followed by data collection in June-July 2020, compilation in August 2020, and finally being shed to light in the second International Conference on Religious and Cultural Studies in 17 September 2020, as an online conference.

There is still time to join us.

Please click and fill in the volunteer form: